Our Imperfect Relationships

We are going remote with our lives along with remote work. We are losing the human act of seeing people eye to eye and talk. We may lose the ability to touch someone’s hand and talk to feel connected and show that we care for them. These are our small magical acts of being humans.

Food comes to our doorsteps now. We can brag about your life online, you can share wisdom online. You want to have your online profiles that say your life is great. But this is not the whole story. We are imperfect creatures and that is our foundation as humans.

Our truth comes not in good phases of life or in happy endings but in the imperfections of ourselves and life. Being afraid to talk to someone you like, cheating on a meal, feeling guilty, the lust you feel, being angry for no reason, the love you have on someone and them turning into assholes until you find the right one. Or screwing up the right one sometimes, all these make us imperfect.

We share our thoughts with someone close to us and trusting our secret thoughts will be with them, like a tight lid sealed with a thousand wraps around it. And yet, our secrets pass on to someone we have never met (may or may not be with our identity while sharing). If life is a book, these imperfections of those people make the perfect book.

We now have busy schedules, traffic, and tightly woven lives. We are making our friends and relationships remote, even in the same city sometimes. When this goes for a long time,  we will lose the ability to trust someone completely and give away our secret life. We will miss the value of someone making eye contact and staring at us. We will miss being imperfect and miss people being imperfect around us.

With us trying to make life look perfect on social media, we will create a fake life book for ourselves(if we stop differentiating the online and real life). We, humans, need five sense to feel alive and technology is nonsense for making a true connection. One day (or now) we would call these simple human acts like giving an eye contact an art and thatโ€™s the irony we are creating together.

We can choose our Imperfect friends and how we react to our imperfect families. Let’s hope we do it imperfectly well.

PS: Who are that friend you want to meet for a long time and not meeting?

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4 years ago

Beautifully expressed!

4 years ago


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