As a Reader, What’s Your Confession Score?

Reading habit comes with its own personal confessions, here is my 10/10 score confession list. Writing them in no particular order of guilt or preference.

  1. Feeling guilty about buying more books but buying more books anyways
  2. Want to give away books but not giving them away for months or years
  3. Want to re-read books but not doing it
  4. Avoiding phone calls or meets to finish a book
  5. Not remembering everything you read (or most of it)
  6. Sleeping late or skipping important things to finish a book
  7. Preferring to read a book instead of a movie because  you know(or feel so) that book will be better than watching the movie
  8. Reading only a few pages of the book and thinking to come back in a few days but doing it after months or forever
  9. Binge reading once in a while (keeping the next book ready before one ends)
  10. Wanting to take notes in good format and messing it up or forgetting to take notes

What’s your confession score out of 10 here? Add your own confessions if I missed out anything in common.

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