Year Review 2022 – Break, Travel, Books, Work, Fitness & Miscellaneous

When I compare myself with my 2021, this year(2022) went great even without keeping any specific goals.

Here are a few things that I am grateful for this year.

  • Break (I was on a break from Sep 15th 2021 – Feb 11th 2022)
  • Travel (Jan 1st to Feb 11th is quite a time + Devkund + Bali, my first International Trip)
  • Books (67 books, full list here
  • Work (Joined 1st job in 4 months, now planning to stay current company for 4 years minimum)
  • Fitness (Started back in Nov – Running, Sleep, Nutrition, Physio)
  • Miscellaneous(Reforge PMF Course and few others, Podcasts, License, Ruskin bond Signed Copy)
  • What’s Next? (in 2023)


If you know me from last year, you already know about my 158-day break. To jog your memory (and for people who know me from this year), I am giving a gist. 

Last year, I ran a Full Marathon(42.2km). But after a few days, I got a Lower back Injury(nothing to do with long runs). Being able to move long distances and not being able to walk to my kitchen ++ side effects from meds, made it one of the toughest phases mentally(you can read more about it here).

I figured I needed a serotonin wash to my brain and decided to take a 100-day work break(between jobs). It went on to become a 158-day break.

Long story short, From Jan to Feb 11th was my break in 2022(apart from the start on Sep 15th 2021). These are a few of the best months of my life. This year, I tried to apply for jobs and read as many books as possible.

While I was doing these, I was in Bangalore mostly. 


Before taking up a Job in Bangalore, I went to Kodaikanal.

I went to Pune and spent a Weekend at Osho Meditation Resort.

A few months back I went to Devkund in Pune(On a weekend trip).

Every year, around my birthday, I try to choose a place with less Internet and vanish.

This year it is Bali. This is also my first International Trip.

I was there for a day in Goa and a couple of days in Mumbai too.

I hope to travel better and more next year. Time will tell.


I read 67 books this year. I used the first 50 days of the year while on break to read a lot. I was almost reading 1 book every 1.5 – 2 days at a point. 

You can check my full reading list for 2022 here(from column 193)

As you can see, I read both fiction and non-fiction equally.

I almost did not have OTTs(Prime/Netflix etc) for at least 8-9 months of the year.

So obviously, I have more time to spend on other things.

Currently, I am in the middle of – The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared and Blue Ocean Strategy. 

Both are amazing.


I initially joined a company in Bangalore. I worked there for 4 months and quit.

It’s a great company with wonderful people and great culture. 

But it’s a larger organization and I needed speed. While everyone’s intentions are great there,

I felt I would not fit in. I realized this in the 2nd month and by 3rd month I was sure about it. I put down papers in the 4th month.

After that, I joined (my current company), and I plan to stay here for around 4 years. This feels like a perfect place to work and see/create a significant impact. 

Maybe a big travel break post that. I want to take a 6-month to 12-month break in the 2026/27ish year.

Time will tell.


My fitness was shit for most of the year. Recently I got my annual checkup done and my cholesterol levels are through the roof and pretty bad. The good part is, all other vitals are normal.

I am giving myself 6 months to get everything back to normal(that’s the natural time it takes).

Towards Oct end I decided to get back to Fitness routines again. 

I did 3 event runs this year(2 timed runs).

The first one was tough (10k run – Pink Night Run)

The second one felt way better (2-hour stadium run – 16km)

First I fixed my runs, and then my sleep. A couple of weeks back, I am on to my healthy diet too.

So far so good, and I am confident to keep up the routine.

I found it harder to get into a routine but much easier to maintain because of the flow.

I also found a few muscle imbalances which are causing shoulder pain, sometimes in my left leg. I am constantly working on those areas one by one. Physio, flexibility and strength is something I will be picking up one by one (like I did for runs, sleep and food). 


  • I Finished Reforge PMF Course and a few other modules(not full courses) within the same website. 
  • Podcasts (I liked The Knowledge Project and Huberman Lab. Listened to a few of them)
  • Got my Driving license this year(though I know bike driving for many years, car learnt recently).
  • One of my friends gave me a Signed copy of Ruskin Bond. Quite unexpected but totally loved having it with me.
  • Writing I do a bit of writing on Medium (Random), Linkedin(self-help, SaaS) & Facebook (bad jokes). I post most highlights on my Instagram.

What’s Next (in 2023)?

Honestly, I do not have specific KPIs for 2023 but more of a betterment of a few things

  •  Have better health (strength, runs, flexibility, cycling, swimming, one small Triathlon if possible)
  •  Spend money wisely (cut down on nonsense, spend on experiences)
  •  Spend more time with friends and family.
  •  More focus at work(It’s an ongoing process, but I want to be more mindful about this).
  • Keep Learning / Constant Skill Upgradation (Books, Courses, while doing, from people).
  •  Travel better, more(want to explore hybrid once in a while, but depends on situations. And plan things in advance to save costs).
  • Writing (I want to write more like before).

Of course, it’s hard to do all at once. Will be picking these few parallelly and one by one. 

Though these are not specific KPIs, I hope to be more mindful of the above things in the coming year.

How did your 2022 go? How would you like your 2023?

Let me know in the comments.

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