You are not unique[Short Read]

All our brains from early humans evolved in the same way
We have the same fears
We have the same craving for survival
We have the same emotions towards wanting to fit in a group
We have the same kind of emotions of love, hate, empathy

We think we are unique
But when we keep our lens wider and search
We find that we are like most people
And Vice versa
What makes us think we are unique is our self-ego.

Sure, your work and talent is unique
Your aspirations are unique
The way you show love to others are unique
Your Family and friends are unique
You are unique in the same way as others

It’s not the uniqueness we need to count
Nor the differences
Neither of them is worth those thoughts
What we crave for is not uniqueness
But what we crave for is meaning

You may want to build something that lasts for generations
Go ahead and work on it
You may not want to do anything
Go ahead and do nothing
You can find meaning in doing things, –
Only when you are alive
In whatever you do, if you find meaning – do that.
No one is going to question you after 500 years

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Tina Verma
Tina Verma
4 years ago

“What we crave for is not uniqueness
But what we crave for is meaning”, Beautiful as always.

Shivansh Kandroo
Shivansh Kandroo
4 years ago

Loved it.

Saranya Ravva
Saranya Ravva
3 years ago

Simply killed it!

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