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If you like my writings and found it useful, you can buy me a coffee.

But why you should buy me a coffee?

Sure, I can buy it myself but

This is just a way to know that someone is ready to put out money

For my work

So it just encourages me to write more

For me, it is a way to know that I am delivering value to you

If you buy me a coffee, I will consider it as if I am having coffee with you

And this is completely optional, no pressure 😇

You can buy me a coffee here –

Fun Fact – I had 100 different coffees and teas in 2017 and here I wrote about my experience 

You can check my Coffee and Tea shop photos here @

Thanks anyway for checking out my blog and this page 🙂

You can tweet to me on Twitter here – @manojsurya3110

-Manoj Surya

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