How to return my book?


Here is how you should return my book. I might be having a OCD on the books I lend though.

  • Don’t keep the book upside down
  • Don’t write anything on it
  • Don’t stick any sticky notes or anything in it
  • Don’t make the book dirty by spilling some food or coffee on it
  • Don’t make dog ears to the pages
  • Don’t fold the pages in any way
  • Read it and give it back within 30 days and in shape
  • And if you liked anything about the book(content or so), let me know 🙂

I will appreciate it if you do all the above.

PS: If you are someone lending your book to someone, simply WhatsApp this link to them so you can save your time reminding this to them.

PSS: Here is Nyan Cat Video url for no reason at all because it seems to me it hit 160 million youtube views for no reason at all –

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2 years ago

Another rule from me: don’t open my book more than 15 degrees while reading. No, no one ever borrows from me.