No time?

How many times have we told someone we are busy?
We fooling ourselves with bad planning and no priorities.
We tell people we will work on something tomorrow
Or meet them a week later.
Can’t we do it today?
We spend tens of minutes on social media every day
and binge-watching movies on weekends.

We spend time on things that would bring us nothing
We go mindlessly over things that give us Instant gratification
And yet we say we need to work hard on things we need to achieve.

What we probably should do is to put our priorities in place
Work at the time we should be
Sleep in the time we should be
Eating mindfully and the right things.
If we don’t start caring for ourselves, how can we take care of the work or others?

And then, once we have self-care
Let us give priority to the things we need to do
Let’s keep promises we make
For – Work, friends, family and other commitments we give
And make enough time for travel, movies, popcorn, and coffee
Let’s aim to make enough time to do nothing and not feel guilty.

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Jatin Kumar Malik
5 years ago

A great write up, Manoj!

p.s: there is a typo in the second para, it should be ‘nothing’

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